Colinas de Alta Vista S.A.

Corrugados Alta Vista S.A.

Quality, efficiency and excellence in delivery times!

Who we are

Provide suitable packaging solutions to our customers while working on strengthening corrugated cardboard industry development in the country

Lead the market of corrugated cardboard through the expansion of our products and services and creating new growth opportunities for our business partners

We are a corrugated cardboard manufactory plant, wich system and quality allows us offering quality, efficiency and excellence in delivery times with our products and services.

President: MBA. Carlos Luis Sanchez Corrales

Vice-President: PhD. Adriana Sanchez Castro

Treasurer: MBA. Alba Gloriana Sanchez Castro

Secretary: Ing. Omar Solano Duran

Fiscal: Ing. Carlos Jose Sanchez Castro

Contribute to growth of a village

With the transfer of our facilities from Aserri to Guácimo our former workers were given the opportunity to move from one location to the other for that purpose they were provided with accommodation and feeding.

However the greatest benefit goes to the people of La Perla of Guácimo, people whose opportunities before were limited almost exclusively to agricultural work.

Our plant has managed to benefit directly more than 80 families in the area with employment opportunities and many more such as the ones from suppliers and service enablers that are benefited indirectly.

Historical Review

Our company began operations in 1992. At the time our facilities were in Aserrí, San Jose At the beginning it was all about printing and punching of corrugated cardboard. The materials were bought from different suppliers.

However, our desire to offer better prices and high quality to the customers and our commitment to meet delivery times which translate in more and better opportunities of growth for them provided by a new supplier in the market of corrugated packaging made us realized Aserrí's plant was insufficient and small in order to meet demand. That is why in 2005 we moved to the area of the La Perla of Guácimo, Limón, which is a property of 12 hectares.

We invested in the installation of our own corrugator, with which we were able to produce our own corrugated cardboard.

The fact that the plant is very close to the major shipping port of our country eases the arrival of raw material for keeping up our production. Likewise gradually we have improved the ability to print and we have grown steadily in developing and expanding the construction of the plant to maintain both raw material as well as finished goods inventory for our customers. Offering quality efficiency and excellence in delivery times which translates into peace of mind for our customers.