Our Services


Is the conversion of different liners (kraft and white) that results in corrugated cardboard, which is then transformed into boxes and various packaging products, which may be as varied as industries in the country. The corrugating machine has been upgraded and refurbished in sections of drying plates, corrugated B flute and automatic guillotines.

We installed waterproofing and waxing in order to access other markets such as the ones of pineapple, mango and flowers, which require extra protection in cardboard boxes.


Printing of cardboard sheets and boxes.

We offer uncountable possibilities in the design and production of corrugated cardboard sheets and boxes which go from agricultural to commercial and basically to any other industry, we manage packaging not only of productos of domestic use but also the ones for export which require special maintenance conditions for each product (such is the case of pineapple industry, flowers, foods, including frozen product, etc.).

Punching boxes

We have our own workshop.

In this way we are able not only to build but also design cardboard boxes and sheets according to the specific needs and requirements of each customer.

Other important services are:

  • Development of palletizing schemes
  • Development of container displacement
  • Development of graphic design for printing the box.
  • Formal Training and technical assistance in our customers facilities or in our print to improve their knowledge about corrugated packaging.
  • We have quality laboratory, in which we develop quality tests for finished product and raw materials, we issue quality certificates.
  • Own and outsourced transport to carry the finished product to our customers plants.